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Just east of East Hampton on the Montauk Highway lies the tiny hamlet of Amagansett. Founded in 1680, the Monatukett Indians named it for "place of good water". Today it is a historical landmark, and the East Hampton Town Marine Museum, formerly a barracks for the U.S. Coast Guard, is a showcase of artifacts from the off-shore whaling history of Amagansett, as well as other maritime displays. A bustling farmer's market on main street sells local produce and fruits and flowers, and only two blocks south of the town center is the Atlantic Ocean, with its beautiful windswept beaches.


Free Parking is available immediately behind the American Legion hall.

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The Hampton Jitney is by far the most popular and enduring bus line, running between New York City and all of the villages in the Hamptons

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The Long Island Rail Road connects Manhattan to most villages in the Hamptons.




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