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These are the artists of the 2019 Amagansett Fine Arts Festival. The participating exhibitors of the 2021 event will be posted once the list is finalized.


Domenico Belli: I have been creating primitive and modern sculptures from reclaimed steel for several years now. My skills of heating, bending and welding metals all give different spectacular results. The skill coupled with my passion for excellence and integrity into designing metal and shaping into an art form is appreciated and valued by my clients.

Stephen Brehm: An inspirational setting is paramount in the creation process. Capturing light and the vibration between two colors while building the painting surface with loose, vibrant brushwork is his goal. Stephen was influenced by artist that had a direct painting method, capturing a gesture or objects with simple yet lively brush strokes. Artist like, Wayne Thiebaud, early Edward Hopper and John Singer Sargeant. 

John Deng: I hope my work transcends the ordinary landscape to express the drama and the story of the places and its people. Much of my work is shot in China because my emotion and enthusiasm flows from these places. Art originates from the heart, while its structure and expression are full of technique.


Tim Doubrava


Joseph Dragotta discovered his love for photography while taking a course in graduate school. Through the medium of photography, Joseph strives to capture endearing human moments, striking urban textures, and remarkable natural landscapes. He prefers the organic nature of capturing an image, waiting for the right moment, light, and composition before shooting a photograph in order to produce intense imagery.

Melissa Fego The Fego Gioielli line offers uniquely designed statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, using only the finest rare gemstones and high quality materials, sourced from places such as Italy and India. The large scale necklaces boast effervescent gems, featuring Dentritic or Peruvian Opals, Carnelians and Chrysophase paired with 18kt Vermeil or Sterling Silver.

Benjamin Frey I am drawn to subjects that inspire curiosity and envoke a story, and I like to juxtapose the scenery of everyday life with unexpected or unusual imagery. I feel that it is important to remind ourselves that we can still find wonder in the world that we experience everyday.

Annie Gudis: This season my work is about some of the special places in my life expressed through drafting, painting and color. The integrating element of the paintings is the sky. Rather than the sky being part of the negative space, I see it as an integral partner in the

Kana Handel I filter all of the things that are going through my head--nature, politics, love, war, sprituality, peace--and they all come out through my brush in a story. And it's even better if the story you see is different than the one in my head; we are creating together.

Eric Heitmann: My vibrant paintings are a spectacular celebration of nature.  Whether a majestic seaside marsh, a wispy golden field, or a sparkling waterfall, you cannot help but feel the joyousness of God's creation.  My kaleidoscope of colors draw you into an ethereal place and instill a sense of unity, we are all one on this journey;  excited to share together this magnificent world created for us.  A place where paint smiles.

Audrey Klotz

Drew Klotz

Edward Loedding My approach is not to blur the edges of realism or sharpen the focus of abstraction, but to create a common ground where the two can meet; not as opponents coerced into an uneasy balance, but as equal partners singing a new song with one voice.

Angus Macaulay is a St. Petersburg artist specializing in painting on canvas with acrylic while integrating fabrics and objects found in the daily routines of our society.

​This artist synthesizes impressionistic brush strokes with modern fixtures to produce a uniquely attractive style of art perfect for the home and office.

Mark MacKinnon The beach/ocean imagery that I photograph is a reflection of growing up in SoCal, before moving to NY over 20 years ago. I try to capture the essence of the surf and sand culture in a way that transcends the images that adorn postcards and magazines stereotypes. High resolution captures that are enhanced to create unreality in subtle ways that capture the mood the smell and the feeling of the oceans

Jackie Maloney is an illustrator based in Hampton Bays, NY. Her whimsical & often humorous illustrations are inspired by her love of the beach, fresh food & spending time outside. 

David Margolis It is like another world was formed that coincides with the one I had been living in. Shapes...repetitive patterns... blocks of colors all came to the forefront of my sight. I tend to see color first now and then break the image down in my mind into its raw form. 

David Oleski has found a voice in his version of an intense scrutiny of the world around him. Following in the footsteps of the 19th century Impressionists, he continues to explore increasingly fragmented views of simple still lifes. He captures a sense of rhythm and atmosphere with sophisticated colors, and thick and deliberate brushwork.

An accomplished wildlife artist, Steve Oliver is proficient in several mediums and techniques, including acrylics, ink and colored pencils. Specializing in North American birds and mammals, his compositions typically are colorful, moody, atmospheric and accurate, while capturing the character of each subject and the habitat that surrounds them.

Virginia Peacock As a ‘colorist’ my eye is constantly seeking out new color combinations and hues which is reflected in my work. I enjoy working with women on their jewelry selections, it pleases me to know that I will be with them for that special event or just knocking around the house in a new statement piece by yours truly.


Bruce Reinfeld’s personal philosophy focuses on the belief that beauty surrounds us all. It exists even in the most common people, animals and things. However, the distraction of our daily lives blinds us to this beauty, leaving us to just pass them without providing the appropriate recognition to their existence. Bruce’s mission is to direct us to see the beauty in unusual things, like the Lone Star Bus, Bull’s horn’s, a rusting Cadillac or the palm trees of Coconut Grove.

Marlene Rose In the end, my work has a quality of timelessness reflecting both ancient and modern. They celebrate the unique properties of glass, of transparency, and shine and reflection. And because these are cast objects, they hold in their form the memory of the shapes and textures of the materials that formed them

Lyn Sedlak-Ford: There is a dance that takes place. I initiate the process using my ideas, and the techniques that I have been developing over the past twenty-nine years. The art piece then begins to guide me. Together we explore, experiment, push the boundaries of myself and the materials that I use.

Jonathan Spector is a photographer and surfer from Long Beach, NY. His interest in photography started twelve years ago when he became a guidance counselor at a Long Island high school. Ironically, Jonathan spends most of the day advising teenagers about being responsible and counseling them on risky behaviors.

Richard Speedy Richard worked in the advertising world for 35 years. He shot many award winning ad campaigns and annual reports for companies including Sony, Bennetton, J&J, Mobil and Lenox to name just a few.

In 2012 he closed his studio and since then has been shooting personal projects.  Of late his focus has been on coastal imagery, where the land meets the sea.

Sharon Spillar: I am inspired by views and reactions to places and spaces from both imaginary and actual experience; such as a body of water, a wild storm, a vivid dream. These works are spontaneous reactions to memories and feelings from my life. My images are mapped with marks, lines and color, both expressive and linear. Color and line are essential in the communication of my work. After the painting is completed, I ad a 1/8” thick layer of UV infused Resin. This gives my work another dimension by adding reflections of the outside world to the work.

John Van Orsouw His work is playful - a carnival of bright, primary-colored toys which he then, like a magician, swirls through scribbles of motion and ends with a figure, an animal or a musical instrument. He plays with the idea that art is a toy and works the shapes into shape and superimposes, imposes and just plain poses these shapes within the spontaneous, organic and sometimes conscious scribbles, squiggles and doodles. it looks like John is having fun. And that's the way he wants it to look.

Bernard Zalon: I don’t believe in artists’ statements. I think the work should speak for itself.  However, sometimes I get ideas and illustrate them, sometimes I see things and draw them.  Sometimes it’s a combination of the two.


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